4 channels – Swiss safety

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 16.51.15Continuously increasing safety
standards forced us to extend our
product range by adding a
technology, which meets these
international guidelines. Our 4-
channel technology is based on Hall
Effect sensors and is compatible with
all joystick types. It allows the safe
operation of joysticks in a delicate environment, where backup systems have to be omnipresent.

Limited space – numerous functions

JoystickOur joysticks generally come with a very low installation depth, which makes them perfectly suitable for small space applications like armrests, remote controls, etc.

The little mounting depth, however, does not limit the available features: Multifunctional handles with various occupations and an optional interface are available with an installation depth of less than 18 mm.

Joysticks with reduced installation depth will soon also be available based on conductive plastic sensors in addition to the already available Hall based versions.